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Miracle Van

Paradise, Las Vegas

It's time for another van, and we need something reliable. We are looking at raising $15,000 for our next van. Please help keep us going.

Trailer Needs

paradise Church, Las Vegas

We are in need of a new trailer. Being married, this 16ft is too small. We are looking for $10,000.00 to get a 26ft light weight trailer.

Plant Church - Small Town

The Whole Message

We are raising funds to do a plant church in a small community. Our formula will enable success even in the smallest locations.

Mark Anthony Studio

The Whole Message

Mark Anthony is a gifted chef and evangelist in need of a studio. This is a Must Do project that needs your contributions. God is going to do amazing things with this studio.

Changing Churches

Adventist Angels

We are raising funds to remodel churches. AND we are filming it all for the Adventist Networks. This is an AdventistAngels flagship project. Please Support and follow the success!

Adventist Angels New Offices

The Whole Message

Help us get our new debt free offices. This is the best way we can do the most for the Kingdom. Thank You for your generous contributions.



A Non-Profit Organization "READING FOR PEACE and HEALING" to be able to go to Hospitals, Refugee Camps, Shelter Homes, Nursing homes, Groups Homes to read Faith Books & others to them.