Our Team

Thank you for visiting the Adventist Angels web site. Below are the faces behind this innovative site.

CEO & Director: Mark Anthony

Mark Anthony is well known globally for his culinary talents. With a background as a businessman, owning several successful restaurants, he has turned his skills towards ministry and following God's calling. For years he has been a regularly featured chef on 3ABN worldwide television and the author of 6 books. You may meet Mark at any number of churches as he tours the country giving motivational seminars on healthy lifestyles, or time and money management. He is the founder and director of both AdventistAngels and The Whole Message, a ministry designed to teach the complete Biblical perspective.

PRESIDENT: Brenda Francis

Brenda Francis has earned a Bachelors degree in Organizational Management while working as an Administrative Assistant at a large Seventh-day Adventist church in South Bend, Indiana . She is completing the Stewardship Certification Series from the North American Division and plans to pursue a degree in Philanthropic studies from The Indiana University School of Philanthropy. The knowledge she brings to AdventistAngels will be available and updated continually on the learn pages for you to use in your homes and churches.


Scott Fortier is a Software Engineer working the in health insurance industry. He has been working in the IT field for over 15 years now and as been instrumental in getting AdventistAngels up and running. As a Master Guide, Scott spends his free time with the Pathfinder club in South Bend Indiana, where he enjoys teaching marching and drill.